1 Tonne Lorry Rental

Few reason why you should hire Shack Movers:

  • Flexible house & office moving services
  • Wide area coverage allowing us to meet your needs right where you are
  • Trained and vetted professionals in the moving and relocation industry
  • Transparent prices from the no.1 house movers in Malaysia

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Shack Mover brings you excellent lorry 1 tonne services for your next small move. We offer the following benefits to our ever-expanding clientele:

▪ Efficient and easy moving solutions for homes, offices, and commercial relocations

▪ Expansive locations within Malaysia as part of our serviced areas

▪ Experienced moving and packing professionals for every need

Flat pricing especially on our 1 tonne lorry rentals

▪ Other lorry sizes available, from 1 tonne to 10 tonne lorries

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The Many Roles of a 1 Tonne Lorry Rental Malaysia

Not all moves require huge trucks. A 1 ton lorry is just the perfect size if you’re relocating a single piece of furniture, an appliance, or a few small items to or from a tight space.

The metal box component of a lorry 1 tonne typically measures 300cm x 172 cm x 166cm. Some clients may refer to the 1 ton lorry as a 10ft lorry.

At Shack Mover, we have 1 tonne lorry rentals perfect for your moving requirements. You may simply rent a lorry for transport, or you may also avail of the moving and packing services we offer. Our professional movers can move any item or group of items you have, whether for a new home or office space.

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The 10-ft lorry or 1 ton lorry is best for small moves, while also prioritising relocation efficiency and safety of transportable items.

We recommend renting the lorry 1 tonne if you’re relocating the items of a single bedroom, or if you’re transporting a single, huge appliance or furniture such as a sofa or a refrigerator.

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